Rising to the Challenge of the National Science Education Standards



  1. 40 activities and investigations that include Life, Earth, and Physical Science content

• The steps and application of the processes of inquiry

  1. Metacognition steps for students to think about their own thinking processes

  2. Overhead transparency masters for teaching the

  process skills of scientific inquiry

• Cooperative and collaborative learning techniques

• Assessment strategies and rubrics for each activity

  1. Student recording sheet masters and teaching tips

ISBN 978-0-9658768-1-0

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  1. 33 developmentally appropriate performance assessments for the science process skills of inquiry,level 1,2,3

  2. Complete instructions and rubrics for assessing the major process skills of inquiry

  3. Engaging student recording sheets for each activity

  4. Assesses the process skills of: observing, communicating, estimating, measuring, collecting data, classifying, inferring, predicting, making models, interpreting data, making graphs, hypothesizing, defining operationally, controlling variables, and investigating

ISBN 0-9658768-2-9

Price $25.00

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